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Testosterone propionate

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Testosterone is known for being the first synthetic anabolic steroid. Testosterone propionate short-ester, fast acting, and oil-based injectable steroid that is commonly used for hypogonadism treatment or low level of testosterone and related symptoms in men.

How can you use a testosterone propionate injection?

The common doses for testosterone propionate are as follows:

•    50 - 100 mg every second day
•    50 - 100 mg every day

When can you inject the testosterone propionate?

It can be easily injected into a muscle that is big enough like shoulders buttocks or even triceps.

The cycle duration of this steroid usually ranges from two months to four months. Post testosterone treatment should be followed at the end of the cycle in order to ensure that the natural testosterone production is back again.

What are the desirable effects of testosterone propionate?

•    Increase in the production of collagen as well as bone mineral content
•    Increasing the level of MGF hormones and IGF-1 hormones that are responsible for promoting muscle growth
•    Raised hemoglobin
•    Serves as anti-glucocorticoid and produces anti-catabolic effect on the tissues of the muscles
•    Collagen synthesis

The desirable testosterone effects can vary from one individual to another during the cycle.

Where can you buy Testosterone propionate?

Well, you can buy Testosterone propionate online at discount rates. Bulk purchase can lead to high discounts. Testosterone propionate for sale can allow you to get the product at your doorstep as per your convenience. Contact Chemist Store to buy Testosterone propionate now without any prescription.

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