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Buy Oxymetholone Online

Oxymetholone is known for being an anabolic steroid that is popular for being a man-made form of a specific hormone, almost similar to the testosterone available in our body. It is generally used for the treatment of specific kinds of anemia, including the anemia which is caused due to chemotherapy.

Major purpose of using oxymetholone is it capability of increasing erythropoietin hormone that is responsible for the red blood cell production in the body. This synthetic male hormone medication is recently gained popularity for its amazing capability of treating low cell count in the blood.

How many oxymetholone medicines you can take in a day?

For adults and children, the recommended dose is just 1-5 mg per kg of the body weight per day. The most effective dose per day is just 1-2 mg per kg per day. In certain cases, higher doses might become necessary. But the dose should be increased only after consultation with the physician. Buy Oxymetholone online immediately and get it delivered at your doorstep through the Chemist Store.

When should you avoid using oxymetholone?

This medicine should not be used if you are suffering from kidney disease, liver problem, male breast cancer, prostate cancer, female breast cancer or the presence of high calcium level in the blood. Pregnant women should avoid taking oxymetholone at any cost. You can buy Oxymetholone from the Chemist Store without any prescription.

Interactions with other drugs

Certain drugs can interact with Oxymetholone, which includes over the counter medicines, herbal, products prescription medicines and vitamins. If you are starting with the oxymetholone course, make sure that you talk about it with your healthcare provider. You can get oxymetholone for sale at Chemist Store at affordable prices. Buy Oxymetholone at discount rates for wholesale purchase.

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