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Buy Ketof Online

Ketotifen or Ketof is indicated for the treatment of bronchial asthma as well as the symphonic treatment of various severe conditions including conductivities and rhinitis. This drug has anti-allergic properties along with the properties of antihistamine. It possesses marked anti anaphylactic elements and quite effective in preventing the asthma attack. Ketof exerts an inhibitory effect on the reactions of histamine that can be disassociated clearly from the anti-anaphylactic properties.

Ketof effects and effectiveness

According to the experimental investigations, any subject suffering from asthma has shown speedy recovery with this drug. It is highly effective if taken in oral form as administered by the inhalation as the selective mast cell stabilizer. In those tests, antihistamines found to be really effective. The effective effect of Ketof has been reported with long-term clinical experiments and trials. In some of the cases, the attacks of asthma simply reduced in plenty full. The patients were freed completely from the health problem. Bronchodilators or progressive reduction was also possible. The effect of Ketof may take quite some week to become established fully. Asthma attacks cannot be aborted.

No sever side-effects

As for the reports, no such side effects have been reported. Drowsiness is commonly accompanied by slight dizziness and dry mouth at the initial stage of the treatment. Spontaneously, they will disappear after just a few days. Though no teratogenic effects have been reported yet due to the lack of evidence, still, Ketotifen during the pregnancy is not recommendable. Ketof online is available without prescription from the Chemist Store.

Administration and dosage

1 mg of Ketof should be taken twice every day with your meals. The doses can be increased to event 2mg in severe cases.

Children are recommended to take only one mg of Ketof daily with lunch and dinner. Those who are easily sedated should first try with 0.5 mg at night for the initial days or as directed by their physician. You can buy Ketof online at cheap prices. Buy Ketof online from the Chemist Store to get it at your doorstep now.

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